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Thành Viên OGC
Thành Viên OGC
1. JD as belows
Electrical & Instrument Technician is responsible for carrying out maintenance of the facility’s electrical, instrument and communications system and associated equipment with minimal environmental impact in accordance with legislation, class, flag and the Facility Management System (FMS).
• Carry out maintenance and repair work, shutdowns, isolations and planned maintenance.

• Familiar with the facilities electrical and instrument equipment, their safe operation and maintenance and will ensure that he has knowledge of safety requirements, including work permit systems, operational and emergency procedures, Company policy and instructions.

• Ensure all information entered in logs, reports, maintenance records and FMS is accurate and conforms to the Facility Management System.

• Liaise with Materials Coordinator for stores and spare gear and monitor consumption.

• Perform gas tests and isolations as per permit to work requirements.

• Supervise and support trainee and contractor’s activities onboard, and ensure work is carried out in a safe and efficient manner and in compliance with FMS.

• Ensure [Critical Function Test] CFT tests are carried out as per FMS requirements.

• Ensure PLC data is updated and where necessary back up files are made and stored as required. Manage software changes under control of the Engineering Change Request (ECR).

• Maintain all electrical and instrument equipment within all aplicable codes, regulations and standards. Maintain rating of all electrical hazardous area equipment.

• Perform HV switching on electrical equipment as required.

• Participate as helicopter deck crew as required.


• Perform isolations for permits.

• Identify and shutdown unsafe equipment as required.


Be aware of and uphold company policy regarding “Health, Safety, Environment and Quality”.


• Maintenance Supervisor for day-to-day guidance & instruction.

• Liaise with Facility Management Team as required.


Minimum Requirements

• Bachelor Degree in Electrical / Electronics / Instrumentation Certification and or with other formal trade qualification (Class A” electrical license or equivalent).

• Experience with Distributed Control Systems (DCS), [Open Transfer Network] OTN networks, Programmeable Logic Controllers (PLC), electrical generation and distribution systems and hazardous area electrical equipment selection and maintenance.

6.2 Preferred Qualifications and Experiences

• Certified in hazardous area electrical inspection and maintenance.

• Certified in High Voltage Switching.

• Experience in the maintenance and operation of electrical, electronic and instrumentation equipment onboard an FPSO/FSOor seagoing oil tanker, or other relevant experience within the hydrocarbons processing industry.

• Experience using computerised Planned Maintenance Systems (AMOS), Safety Management Systems.

• Good personal and interpersonal skills. Experience of working with multicultural workforce. Good knowledge of English (TOEIC 350 or equal).

2. Deadline for CV submission: Dec. 30, 2016
3. Contact information: 84 64 3612869 Ext: 304

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