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1 [JOB OPENING] CMMS/Mechanical Engineer on Mon Dec 26, 2016 2:17 pm

Ngo Thi Quynh Mai

Thành Viên OGC
Thành Viên OGC
1. JD
• Day to day management of the MAISY maintenance management system.
• Liaise with POVO IT department for any technical issues with the MAISY system.
• Prepare monthly PM and CM job schedules and review with offshore supervisors amend schedules as required.
• Review work orders for applicability and accuracy and raise change requests to make
• Act as focal point for all CMMS change requests produced by onshore and offshore teams.
• Review progress of maintenance schedules weekly with offshore teams and ensure that maintenance is being progressed and safety critical maintenance in particular is being closed out on time. Ensure that at the end of each month there is no outstanding safety critical PMs.
• Compile reports as necessary for POVO and Operations Manager to include backlog figures by category and department, plan attainment, available and consumed man hours etc.
• Compare maintenance and staff hour data against monthly maintenance plans, work load
estimates, and standards.
• Calculates amount of human resources required to perform maintenance work.
• Daily operation technical support as Maisy admin; reporting for weekly update, monthly KPIs, deferrals, cancellation etc.; Training/ assessment to Maisy users; Owner and status update for Maisy improvement campaign.
• Daily operation technical support: technical review of PRs, spare requirements, min-max level;
Contractor/ vendor management; assist with MOC/MCC process, Maisy improvement and audit; Onshore QA/QC and premob inspection
• Should possess a technical background.
• Previous experience of working with CMMS systems

2. Deadline for CV submission: Dec. 30, 2016
3. Contact information: 84 64 3612869 Ext: 304

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