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Thành Viên OGC
Thành Viên OGC


   Isoperibol calorimetry
   Automated bucket and jacket fill as well as vessel fill and rinse
   Automatic cooling
   6-7 tests per hour
   Fixed bomb cylinder with removable head for fast sample loading
   Operator time per test is 1 minute
   0.1% precision class instrument
   0.0001 ºC Temperature Resolution
   5000 – 8000 calorie sample range
   0.05% Linearity across operating range
   SD memory and TCP/IP network communications
   USB Port for balance and printer connections
   Updates via the Internet
   Dimensions (in) 16.5 wide X 15.5 deep X 20.0 high
   Dimensions (cm) 42 wide X 40 deep X 51 high

Adress: 21/9 Truong Son Street,
Ward 4, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh CitySales Engineer: Dang Van Ut
Handphone: 0939215088 or 01685883279

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