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Ban Chuyên Ngành
Ban Chuyên Ngành

CLJOC is looking for an Offshore Material/Planning Specialist position.
Pls. send the Curriculum Vitae by email to Ms Cao Le Huyen ( - ext. 2257) or post to CLJOC’s office – 10th Fl. Diamond Plaza Building, 34 Le Duan, Dist I. HCMC prior to 08 April 2013.



Job Title: Material/ Planning Specialist
Department: Operations
Working Location: Offshore CLJOC Facility
Report to: OIM and Deputy OIM M&R and E&I D. Supervisor/Supervisor

Job purpose:
- To provide development of PM routines for Maintenance, Inspection and Operational activity services an in the development of schedules for the same with the objective to ensure that the STV-CPP equipment and assets have adequate programs developed to ensure asset integrity and production deliverables are met and maintained for the Operation Group.
- Responsible to co-ordinate and control materials movements to and from the CPP platform as well as maintaining levels and the integrity of the onboard stores inventory, hazardous goods register, tool lists, lifting equipment etc. Provide materials availability advice for maintenance planning function(s) and provide lower level sourcing / procurement. The position is required to interface with maintenance, production and contract personnel when ordering, purchasing and arranging logistics for the delivery of materials to and from the platform. This position also requires good interface with P&P, E&I, M&R Supervisor and Deck foreman.

Job Scope:
- Direct report –
- Indirect Reports – Vendor

Principle responsibilities:
- Develop and maintain a weekly status report on progress for the development of Preventative Maintenance, Inspection of the offshore facilities.
- To support offshore maintenance (M&R, E&I) supervisors on maintenance activities planning and scheduling.
- Preparation, keep track of a Planned Maintenance and Inspection rolling year plan for the execution of routines.
- Responsible for ensuring that all activities within the spares, equipment and consumable stores are efficiently coordinated in support of the day-to day platform operations.
- Act as a focal point for the delivery of materials to the platform, communicate with platform personnel, and the onshore support team, to ensure smooth and safe materials flow to and from the platform. Provide a coordinating role in the receipt and dispatch of materials received onboard the platform destined for other CLJOC work sites. Preparation and checking of both received and dispatch cargo manifests
- General inventory and logistics administration, documentation and record keeping for reporting to management as required. Incumbent responsible for updating the CMMS system with inventory management system with details of materials in stock and received.
- Responsible for maintaining a clean and efficient stores regime
- Responsible for conducting regular routine inventory stock checks and stock turnover. Maintain all offshore stock levels at optimum levels. Ensure correct stock levels are kept in effective locations with inventory related duties
- Promote and implement the company's Safety, Health and Environmental Policies as applicable and provide input into the development of all operational procedures, with safety always being of prime importance.

Qualifications and Skills required:
- Preference of over 3 years experienced in the oil and gas industry in warehouse, materials handling and logistics role, combined with a working knowledge of computerized maintenance management systems.
- General knowledge of Production, Maintenance and Inspection philosophies, procedures and work related activities
- Good English and computer skills
- Good in organizational and planning skills
- Ability to communicate and co-ordinate materials movements between the platform and external suppliers, support groups.
- Understand the requirements for the labeling, packaging and movements of hazardous materials.
- Have a working knowledge of general certification requirements for spare parts and materials.
- Ability to work as part of a small multi-disciplined team with minimal supervision.

Personal attributes:
- Courteous and pleasant attitude
- Commitment to meet deadline
- Flexible attitude in finding appropriate solution
- Customer orientation attitude
- Attention to detail

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