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1 Travel with Cu Chi Tunnel Tour on Mon Nov 26, 2018 9:42 pm


Thành Viên OGC
Thành Viên OGC
Cu Chi tunnels are the elaborate underground network!
If you want to discover Cu Chi Tunnels in a wonderful way, let come with Kim Travel and try our Cu Chi Tunnels Tours.
Kimtravel the leader of Cu Chi Tunnels Tours
Kim Travel is one of the most prestigious international Tour Operator with head office at 189 De Tham street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We bring traveler the wonderful journey to discover the beauty site of nation and people in the south of Vietnam.
Kim Travel proud to be served thousands of traveler come with our Mekong delta tours, Cu Chi Tunnels Tours Travel or Ho Chi Minh City tours… We give you a chance to try the best food that, and come to the best place that you can’t find anywhere.
Cu Chi Tunnels the wonderful underground network
Cu Chi tunnels are one of the wonderful destinations you should visit when coming to Ho Chi Minh City.
The Cu chi Tunnels are an elaborate underground network. It was built to protect Viet Cong soldiers from French occupation in the 1940s and further expanded during the American War in the 1960s.
This network is made up of 250km of tunnels and chambers in the town of Cu Chi. It all was dug by communist guerrilla troops by their bare hand and simple tools. It is a base of operation to transfer communications, supplies, foods, and weapons for the Viet Nam army.
It was used as hiding spots during Viet Nam war by Viet Cong soldiers. People even used this tunnel to continue their daily life such as sleeping, eating, teaching children...
If you want to get more information about Cu chi Tunnels, please visit website
Preparing for Cu Chi Tunnels tours
The Cu Chi Tunnels tour is a discovery tour. That why you should carefully prepare for the best experience during this trip.
At first, you have to check the weather. It is better to take this tour on the dry season when the humidity is lower and fewer bugs. Besides that, you should wear comfortable clothes and shoes to more easily crawl through the darkness, heat, stuffy area.
Get Cu Chi Tunnels Tours
Kim Travel brings you the best Cu Chi Tunnels a day tour or Cu Chi Tunnels 1/2 day tour by bus or luxury speedboat in a small group. Our tours are both received an excellent review on Tripadvisor and were trustful by a lot of travelers.
So, if you want to enjoy Cu Chi Tunnels! Let contact to Kimtravel right now.
We give you the best tour ever and help you have a deeper understanding of this wonderful underground system.
Fully support to the customer
You still worry about how to get the best Cu Chi Tunnels Tours. Let share your problem and asking any question right now!
Kimtravel will support you 24/7 to help you get a wonderful memory on this trip.
We make sure that you will get the wonderful tour at the best price ever.
So let contact us right now by:
• Access our website
• Call to the hotline: +84 985-370-437.
Go straight to our office at 189 De Tham Str, Dist 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

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